ICT-Learn 2017

11th International Conference and Exhibition on E-Learning and Education Technology

Towards a Smart Learning Society

5-6 December 2017, Grand Nile Tower

ICT-Learn 2017 is an international forum for the presentation and discussion of the recent advances and innovations in Smart Learning environments at School and on the University Level. ICT-Learn 2017 gives the opportunity for leading-edge educators, developers, researchers, experts to meat, interact and exchange ideas in topics related to different topics related to the Smart Learning society.

The primary focus of ICT-Learn 2017 is on new and innovative applications of technology-enabled education in Schools and Universities around the World. The conference talks will address the following tracks:

  1. Smart Teachers
  2. Smart Content
  3. Smart Technologies [Cloud, Mobile, Repositories, LMS]
  4. Smart Infrastructure
  5. Smart Social Learning and Informal Education
  6. Smart Special Education
  7. Smart Life Long Learning
  8. Smart Vocational Training
  9. Assessment and Quality Assurance

This year, the conference is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, and focuses on the outcomes of a number of Erasmus+ Projects in Egypt in the field of Education Technology: Virtual Labs, Special Education, STEM Education, Virtual Hospital, Museum studies, and Manufacturing Technologies. ICT-Learn 2017 is also organized in conjunction with the National Erasmus+ Day in Egypt which will be held on the 4th of December in the same venue.

You are welcome to submit your abstract for presentation in the conference no later than the 30th of September 2017 to abstracts@ict-learn.org. You can also submit your contribution as a full paper to be published in a Special Edition of either the International Journal of Internet Education published through the Egyptian Knowledge Bank (EKB), or the International Journal of Knowledge Society Research. We solicit the submission of papers that address novel and challenging ideas and/or report on real applications with concrete results.